Elevating your Company’s culture





Through many years of working with clients, I discovered that having a positive organizational culture is the difference between leaving or staying, contributing or checking out, and ultimately, misery or happiness.

Working with young and growing companies, it became clear to me that by the time leaders focused on culture, the price to fix it was immense. Relationships were damaged and many valuable employees had left.

What if there was a way to do it better?

We speak with stakeholders to identify flawed processes, skill gaps, reporting lines and behaviors that get in the way of a collaborative, inclusive, and highly productive culture.

Once the gaps are clear, we provide insights into how to change what’s not working, make the best use of what is already great, and create a workplace that empowers employees to do great work.

Culture Check

An INTERVIEW-BASED METHODOLOGY, synthesising trend based data

"One of the most unique things about HGC is their signature “Culture Check.” Other consultants might dive in head first, trying to find solutions; or focus on individual issues. Rather, HGC”s Culture Check takes the temperature of every team member, and elicits input from outside the team, to develop a holistic picture of what’s going on and a deep understanding of underlying issues.  More than just a series of conversations, their Culture Check is a methodical process that sets up any engagement for success and makes sure that we—as clients—get the most out of HGC’s services."

- Craig Greiwe (Senior Vice President, Rogers & Cowan)

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When leadership is invested in shifting from a culture of blame to a culture of ownership, HG Consulting can step in to evaluate the success and challenges of the company’s culture. We aim to upgrade the workplace, while remaining true to the integrity of the business. We obtain multiple perspectives: top down, bottom up, across the network of departments,  and outside vendors and freelancers.

“Perspective is a function of experience” truly explains our signature “culture check” program such that once participants go through the interview-based experience, they are able to self-reflect and gain perspective.

Once "the dirt has surfaced from under the rug" and everyone has had a chance to "spill the beans," we are able to analyze the blueprints of personnel, duties, culture, structure, systems, communication, behavioral red flags, performance, and information and suggest programs that will indirectly and organically resolve the critical trends without breaching individuals confidentiality.

Once all stakeholders are invested in the results and the high-level action plan proposed, we help implement change through other HG Consulting programs that are designed to train teams, coach leadership, mediate unresolved issues, and serve as an on-demand external entity to help the company transition into the next phase.