The Myth Of Having It All

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Woman can have it all now too, just as long as you are okay doing it all as well.

Bare with me, this will only take a minute and then I will get to the solution.

Sometimes I wonder if it was a group of guys sitting in a dark room that came up with the feminist movement. I mean seriously, who really has benefitted from woman getting to ‘have it all’?

Before the man was the sole breadwinner and didn’t get any time with his children.

Now men get to share the responsibility of paying the bills with two breadwinners in the house and spend more time with their kids, which they get a huge congratulations for.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have been a housewife on valium to survive being at home 24/7, but at least there would have been a whole bunch of us going through it together, and getting to chat about it, as we folded laundry and were there for our children. At least I would have been confident in the knowledge that I had everything under control.

This is where the feminist movement is at:

Woman get to have careers that they need to work harder than men to be taken seriously in and to do a better job at just to be paid 77 cents to the mans dollar. They get to spend their days being too hard (bitch) or too soft (aide), but seldom just right. For some women, they don't even decide not to have a child, they just don't get around to and then when the time is right they face a number of limiting factors, fertility and a stark lack of partner material to start the list.

They are also expected to have babies, often at an older age because they were busy building their careers- and research shows that for every year a woman delays having children her income increases 9% - provide the majority of domestic work around the house and go back to work after popping out a baby, 2 weeks for some 3 months for the lucky ones. Oh and don’t forget that after having a child, they are never ‘fully committed’ at work or ‘fully committed’ to their children.

Woman get to have it all and do it all, men get to have it all, full stop.

Thanks for getting through that venting session, you made it.

Now I am going to discuss how we are going to take feminism to the next level. To the place where we are equal at home and equal at work. Until that happens there will never be equality or balance in the world and our world will continue to destruct as is the current state of affairs.

Nothing is going to change until more woman are in leadership and they make it there with their hearts intact, with compassion, still believing in family, having not shut themselves down to operate in a mans world.

However it will continue to be a mans world until we take 6% of CEO’s of the top companies being woman, to 50% of CEO’s being woman, of which are equally, black, brown and white.

How do we do that? For now we are the transitional generation. We still need to understand bias and how to navigate it, how to create the equivalent of the old boys network, how to have babies even when we don’t know how we will fit it in or think we want them. We are the generation, that needs to effectively open those doors, insert ourselves at the table, and then pop out a baby or two, while staying at the table.

If we do this right now, our children won’t have to be worrying about any of this, which will be good because they will be busy saving the earth from all the current destruction. Yes I believe in eco-systems and climate change.

If you feel that you missed the boat on having a family, it’s not too late…

However if you want to meet a really hot, rich, childless, 28 year old, date for a couple of years, get proposed to on a romantic trip to Paris and then have a year long engagement where you plan the perfect destination wedding.  Get married, travel and enjoy the first years of marriage while you save for a down payment on a starter home and then effortless get pregnant, twice and have two perfect children and so on and so on…it probably is too late.

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