Take Back Control Of Your Dating Life and Make the Man you Want - Want You.

Coaching Intensive

Are you feeling stuck? There are no decent guys out there? The dating scene is awful? You never want to swipe again? 

Have you tried everything to be successful in finding your 'one' and that damn guy is the bottleneck to the next phase of your life? You have run out of ideas and motivation and now you are just hoping for a miracle?

We will spend 2 hours together, where we will rip the bandaid off in one quick swoop.

In this package you will:

  • Create clear goals
  • Action steps and outcomes that you are in control of
  • You will have a new, clear, ideal vision for how you can move forward
  • You will feel empowered, motivated and excited
  • You will know that you are the prize

The Package includes:
A two hour coaching session - in person or via skype
What you can do now to create momentum

The sooner you can fully embrace and live your life full-out, the sooner you will find the partner that is YOUR perfect partner and move forward in this area of your life. Life is too short to be stuck, you could wait another few months until you are ready, however those months turn into a year and then before you know, you are two years behind where you would be if you start now. 

I am your girl, I have been there. I told a client today (2016) that I wish someone had told me when I was 28/29/30/31/32/33/34/35! That my husband would show up and sweep me off my feet and I would have 3 healthy children and life would be happy and hard and full and and and! I would have really enjoyed those earlier years so much more, if I could have trusted that when I was ready the perfect man for ME would show up. That story finishes with me telling my client that on Christmas day a month after my husband and I started dating I threw up on the white silk shirt that he bought me for Christmas and he still married me! 

I want this for you, not the vomiting, but the experience of being loved so much that you are perfect, even when you are not.

Unsure that I can really help you? Haven't got faith in yourself to follow through?  Too busy to make yourself a priority? Please book a free strategy call so we can create some momentum. You've got this!