For high achievers - Who want more - Now

Do you feel frustrated that you are not all that you know you can be?

We specialize in supporting and empowering our clients who want to "have it all", to find their all and live it.

You may be the captain of your ship, but without an outstanding navigator, you simply can't reach your destination.

This is where we come in—with practical, action-oriented solutions that enable our clients to navigate their life and career paths successfully.

'Her style is empowering, empathetic, and supportive but also very honest and direct.' 
Kerry Larkin, Facebook

'From working with Helena, I have not only achieved the outcome I went to her for - an amazing trusting network within the company I work for - I have also managed to get (happily) married, have a baby and receive a raise and promotion the week I left on maternity leave. I have learnt how to work smarter not harder and I feel grateful that I made these changes before having my daughter'.
Barbara Rice, The Wonderful Company

Our style and system is a result  of a great deal of training, science and successes.

'Helena is one of a kind and her approach allows you to see how to make immediate changes in your life with ease and confidence.'
Allison Van Putten, Twitter