Culture Check

Our interview-based methodology allows us to perform a comprehensive 360 and analyze the company using trend based data

"One of the most unique things about HGC is their signature “Culture Check.” Other consultants might dive in head first, trying to find solutions; or focus on individual issues. Rather, HGC”s Culture Check takes the temperature of every team member, and elicits input from outside the team, to develop a holistic picture of what’s going on and a deep understanding of underlying issues.  More than just a series of conversations, their Culture Check is a methodical process that sets up any engagement for success and makes sure that we—as clients—get the most out of HGC’s services." - Craig Greiwe (Senior Vice President, Rogers & Cowan)

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External On-Demand Conflict Resolution

Lack of productivity and inability to produce results are the ripple effects of a toxic work environment triggered by a combination of a lack of an inclusive workspace and a lack of trust resulting in unsuccessful communication.

We find that employees are often facing roadblocks to creativity that originate from the inability to communicate circumstantial, red flag, pain-point, harassment, and whistle-blower issues to management or human resources. The compounded resentment leads them to become adversarial.

Our external Conflict Resolution services fill the gap between HR (investigation) and legal (lawsuit) by applying Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms to provide confidential, neutral, and informal conflict prevention (dialogue).

HG Consulting  provides external on-demand  coaching, strategic planning of difficult conversations,  Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mediation, and problem-specific negotiation as a preventative measure.

Our services are available through scheduled telephonic communication, in-person conflict coaching, email chain dialogue, and on-demand voice message chat.

Companies who shift their budgetary focus from post-conflict resources (such as mental health programs) to  external preventative conlfict navigation services,  obtain invaluable returns as they invest in their people's personal well-being in real-time.


(1) Prepare your incoming and existing workforce through targeted training via on-boarding, professional development, or resource group/team "Lunch&Learn"

Vital Topics:

(1) "Understanding Unconscious Bias”

(2) “Managing Perceptions"

(2 ) “Navigating Difficult Conversations”

(3) "Working through the generation gaps”

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Executive coaching

Helena Goto MBA, MDR has been a c-suite executive coach for the past 8 years and her New Zealand, no nonsense “hows that working for you?”, approach is working to improve lives and businesses.

In addition to traditional one on one coaching, the added bonus of the "culture check," is that executives experience an undercover boss sensation when working with Helena Goto. This trend based reporting results in reality-checking and self-reflection in a manner that will prime you for an executive "upgrade."

By "upgrading" the individuals and culture of the workspace in a customized manner that remains true to the integrity of the company, HG Conuslting has been able to positively impact the diversity  and inclusion of the workforce.

HG Consulting's rate of success is measured by the increase in revenue that she has been able to generate per department; the latest of which was reported as a 50% increase in 4 months.

Working with Helena is like having someone come in and organize your mind. We are all going in so many directions and Helena has the ability to help you find clarity, prioritize, and focus. She is easy to talk to and makes life feel very manageable and more enjoyable, regardless of where you're at with things. She also holds you accountable for the goals that really matter.

Stephanie Viola, Investor


HG Consulting has workplace dispute resolution and mediation in house. If you require mediation support in alternative fields, such as family and real estate, we have alliances with top mediators in different fields.