Our Comprehensive Package

When a company commits to pursuing good governance measures, the workforce reciprocates that gesture by committing to the company’s vision, mission, and values.

Once you are ready to shift from a static status based on blame to a dynamic status based on trends, and accept that change occurs when leadership is also invested in changing as a part of a company-wide good governance measure, we can step in to evaluate the needs of your company  and determine if our signature program is a good solution. We aim to “upgrade” the workspace, remaining true to the integrity of the business. We obtain multiple perspectives: top down, bottom up, across the network of departments,  and outside vendors and freelancers.

“Perspective is a function of experience” truly explains our signature “vitals check” program such that once volunteer or at-risk participants go through the interview-based experience, they are able to self-reflect and gain perspective.

Once "the dirt has surfaced from under the rug" and everyone has had a chance to "spill the beans," we are able to analyze the blueprints of personnel, duties, culture, structure, communication, and information and suggest programs that will indirectly and organically resolve the critical trends without breaching confidentiality.

Once all stakeholders are invested in the results and the high-level action plan proposed, we help implement change through other HG Consulting programs that are designed to train teams, coach leadership, mediate unresolved issues, and serve as an on-demand external entity to help the company transition into the next phase.

The conventional surveys and suggestion boxes do not have our formula for candid and real-time feedback under a confidential umbrella. With the emergence of the #MeToo movement, presence of millennials in the workforce, rise of gender parity, and need for diversity, it makes it even more critical to collect timely and candid employee feedback.   Our system is therefore preventative in training and coaching teams based on identified needs,  proactive in identifying potential liability, and progressive in embracing conflict.

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Other HG Consulting Packages

We are often brought in as an external safety-net  to:

(1) Heal open wounds by giving your existing workforce the tools to self-medicate through executive coaching:

Price: $2,000.00 / Month on Retainer

(2) Resolve identified workplace conflict through our transformative mediation

Price: $5,000.00 / 5 Hour Co-Mediation

(3) Conciliate for companies undergoing a culture change, mergers, and key management transitions

Price: $10,000.00 / Month on Retainer

(3) Prepare your incoming and existing workforce through targeted training via on-boarding, professional development, or resource group/team "Lunch&Learn"

Vital Topics:

(1) "Understanding Unconscious Bias to Manage Perceptions"

(2 )"Next-Gen: Don't Parent, Mentor; Bridging the Communication Gap”

(3) “Navigating Difficult Conversations to Prevent Conflict”

(4) "Creating Opportunity through Executive Presence"

Price: $2,000.00 / 1 hour Training

(4) Speak at company-wide town hall or events as keynote speakers

Price: $6,000.00 / 30 Minute Engagement and 30 Minute Q&A

(5) Confidential sounding board offered as a "Vitals Check" to hear from your people and gather critical trends

Price: $10,000.00 / Team of Up-to 20 People

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External Ombudsman Services On-Demand

Lack of productivity and inability to produce results are the ripple effects of a toxic work environment triggered by a combination of a lack of an inclusive workspace and inability to “humanize” the workforce.

We find that employees are often facing roadblocks to creativity that originate from the inability to communicate circumstantial, red flag, pain-point, harassment, and whistle-blower issues to management or human resources due to fear of retaliation. The compounded resentment leads them to become adversarial.

Our external Ombudsman services  fill the gap between HR (investigation) and legal (lawsuit) by applying Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms to provide confidential, neutral, and informal conflict prevention (dialogue).

HG Consulting  provides external on-demand  coaching, strategic planning of difficult conversations,  Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mediation, and problem-specific negotiation as a preventative measure.

Our services are available through scheduled telephonic communication and on-demand voice message chat.

Companies who shift their budgetary focus from post-conflict resources (such as mental health programs) to  preventative external Ombudsman services,  obtain invaluable returns as they invest in their people's mental well-being in real-time.

Price: $3,000.00 / Month on Retainer Team of Up-to 20 People