Marry The Life That You Have With The Life That You Want 

Three Month Coaching Program

Do you lose momentum when work gets busy? Are you leaving a lot to chance? Three months  - one on one coaching - In person in Los Angeles or via phone or skype. Allowing you the opportunity and support to develop and prioritize the habits, focus and action required to get you exactly what you want.

Coaching includes:

  • Nine 55 min sessions
  • Session write ups
  • Additional contact as needed

Take Back Control Of Your Dating Life And Make The Man You Want - Want You

Coaching Intensive

Does something have to change? Are you in a rut when it comes to relationships? Do you wonder why you haven't landed a great guy and worry that all that are left are the losers? In two hours together, we will get clarity and perspective around what is not working and create goals and objectives to make it work - so you can have the love you want now.

Intensive Includes:

  • Two hours of one on one coaching to
    Identify if/what is blocking you
  • What you can do now to create momentum, 
    confidence and a sense of calm