Helena Goto’s executive coaching has been invaluable for me and my team at Rogers & Cowan.  

After unprecedented growth and infrastructure challenges, we needed an expert voice to reorganize, but also help me and my senior team develop a team that “worked.”  There are a lot of executive coaches out there, but Helena is in a league of her own. She brings a methodical expertise, an ability to relate to and deal with a wide array of challenges and personalities, and a keen understanding of team dynamics to the table—and the results speak for themselves.

I’m a better leader, and my team is happier, more productive, and more profitable than they ever would have been otherwise - and poised to scale even higher for the future.

Craig Greiwe (Senior Vice President, Rogers & Cowan)

I have seen very concrete business success and team dynamic improvement under Helena's guidance. Helena quickly distills an end goal and means of achievement from what is often a complex and emotional situation. She balances the humane and the professional, with a deep insight into how individuals work and what they each need to drive the team forward. Simultaneously, she can see how each person fits into the bigger picture. Helena builds what I would call a professional tapestry, organizing all the moving pieces while allowing each team member to feel that they are achieving their best potential in the picture, be it an entry level worker or high level management.

Jessie Reder (Co-Founder, temper_co)

Working with Helena truly changed the environment of our office to one in which I was excited to come to work every day. The one-on-one guidance, paired with group activities and exercises, allowed us to create personal connections and really examine what made our team great. Having concrete goals and a vocabulary to achieve them changed the dynamics in our office from near-constant stress and structural chaos to a highly efficient-- and more importantly, fun-- place to work. I felt that Helena took genuine interest in my career success and happiness at work, which was refreshing and empowering.

Ayle Miller (Showrunners Assistant)

From working with Helena, I have not only achieved the outcome I went to her for - an amazing trusting network within the company I work for - I have also managed to get (happily) married, have a baby and receive a raise and promotion the week I left on maternity leave.

I have learnt how to work smarter not harder.

When I first started working with Helena it was to build the skills to communicate effectively within my workplace.  I was new to the company and I was struggling to build the relationships and trust I needed to perform in a way that I was comfortable with.

In addition, I was planning to get married in 8 months and couldn’t imagine how I was going to fit a wedding in with the current all consuming pace of my job. I was overwhelmed and knew I had to start doing something differently.

Working with Helena put me on the fast track in both my personal and professional life.  I feel grateful that I made these changes before having my daughter.

Barbara Rice, The Wonderful Company


Helena was pivotal for me in gaining back my happiness and confidence in my professional life. She was excellent at making sure that I stayed true to what got me feeling excited to wake up in the morning. She helped me understand the best way that I worked by making lists, goals, priorities and deadlines. She helped me accept the areas I have strength and the areas that are weaker for me. She encouraged me to focus on my areas of strength and not get bogged down in what I think I cannot do. Helena walked me through a very difficult time where I was unsure about my passion and my future. She gave me tools and a road map to get myself back on track and feel good about myself again. She used a holistic approach in her coaching and gave me 100 percent of her resources. She would let me call her multiple times a day when I was having difficulty making job decisions.

Ali L, Wendy Walk


Every time I leave Helena’s office, the world seems like a brighter place! Helena has a gift of bringing simplicity and calm to complex and sometimes stressful situations while keeping my true goals and intentions at the forefront of every decision I make. Her style is empowering, empathetic, and supportive but also very honest and direct. She often answers questions I don’t even know I have! I wholeheartedly recommend Helena’s coaching as a way to get on track to a fulfilled, authentic, and balanced life.

Kerry Lakin, Facebook


Working with Helena is like having someone come in and organize your mind. We are all going in so many directions and Helena has the ability to help you find clarity, prioritize, and focus. She is easy to talk to and makes life feel very manageable and more enjoyable, regardless of where you're at with things. She also holds you accountable for the goals that really matter.

Stephanie Viola, Investor


"I found Helena through her partnership with Daily Bliss Yoga Retreats. Her ability to balance listening, interjecting and motivating was invaluable and exactly the guidance and encouragement that I needed. It is so apparent that coaching is a passion and not solely a career path that Helena has followed. Attending the Yoga Retreat and working with Helena, as my Life Coach was one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time…possibly ever.
Thank you for empowering me and providing me with clarity and direction!”

Jessi P, Yoga Instructor



"I'd never worked with a life coach prior to meeting Helena and it was one of the most valuable investments I've made. Helena is one of a kind and her approach allows you to see how to make immediate changes in your life with ease and confidence. She's also just so pleasant to work with, it's like talking with a friend who helps you solve problems and see your day to day life from a new perspective. With her coaching I'm making changes in my job, moving across country and actively dating again. I really recommend doing a session with Helena, you'll be hooked right away.”

Ali Van Putten, New York


Coaching with Helena has been a wonderful experience for me. One of the main reasons I initially reached out to Helena was because I felt stuck in my career. She helped me to recognize my strengths and discover my vision for professional and personal success and happiness. Helena is truly passionate about what she does, and her enthusiasm is inspiring. I look forward to our weekly sessions which keep me accountable and always refresh my commitment to myself and my goals. Helena has empowered me to make positive changes in my life, and I am very grateful.

Rachel Faber, Los Angeles


I worked with Helena at the crossroads of closing my business and moving into motherhood. Helena helped me keep my feet on the ground and be realistic about this life change. Helena, being a mother of two at the time (with #3 on the way!) was my voice of reason as well as a professional guiding on the business end. It's hard to put into words ALL that Helena did, but I am so grateful for her and could not have imagined this time without her. Still a professional in my field, working with just a handful of clients rather than a full operation, I enjoy being a full-time mom. So grateful she was able to help me see this is where my heart truly was. Helena is such a pleasure to work with as well as a true inspiration.

Elizabeth Ordway, Los Angeles


Helena doesn't mess around. She gets right to the heart of what's holding you back, so that you can move forward and embrace being the deserving loving woman you are. If you've heard general advice before like "be more emotionally vulnerable" and 'stay in your feminine energy", but still don't know what that means or how to do it, Helena can help. She gives real, tangible examples that can help you change decades-old patterns overnight.

Alexis Pierce, NYC


I initially contacted Helena for career advice, but after our first session I realized that my whole life was out of balance. Together we identified my priorities, and from there she helped me make subtle changes that impacted my outlook right away. I went from feeling like I was stuck on a treadmill to feeling hopeful I could finally move forward. In her, I found someone that could listen objectively, give solid advice, and hold me accountable for my actions – all while feeling like a friend you’ve known forever. She helped me tackle some challenging situations and make some major life decisions, including moving my family out of state – something we had been wanting to do for years.

I feel happier and more balanced than I have in years – and for that I can’t thank her enough!

Amy Karpinski, New York


I reached out to Helena when I was at a breaking point, I didn’t even recognize the relationship I was having with my husband, I had a rambunctious toddler and was new to LA. I needed something to help organize my thoughts and get back in control of all the moving parts of my life. 

This is exactly what working with Helena did, she helped give me the power to mentally change myself. I found working with her, relaxing, enlightening and honestly humorous. Her office feels like a super safe zone to me and because she is further into the motherhood stage than me, I felt confident that she understood me not just from a professional standpoint but also because she had been there herself.

Helena is extremely practical, she has the ability to give simple explanations and attainable solutions that I can immediately apply to my life. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling hopeful and that I was on the right track. Before I went to her, I was afraid that my relationship might not survive all the changes we had gone though. However now I feel so balanced, focused and in charge of my life that my husband and I are discussing having another baby!

I have seen an improvement across every category of my life and I think the best way to put it is that she’s F*$%^& Fabulous.

Lauren M, Los Angeles